Congratulations, you are one step closer to your dreams!!!

ARISE Venture Program - ARISE Venture Program is a competition for teams of entrepreneurs with strong innovative ideas with a desire to establish their own company.

What are the benefits for you? 

  1. Receive 15,000 Euros 

  2. Participate in a 2 day intensive workshop with experts 

  3. Participate in 6 Week acceleration program 

  4. Get connected with a mentor/investor 

  5. Pitch your idea to a group of over 50 investors, corporate partners and EU representatives

  6. Register your company 

  7. Finalise your Minimum Viable Product (i.e. Market ready product)

  8. Secure the commitment of the European Union

What do you need to do ? 

  1. Remember the deadline - 5th May, 2019

  2. Have an innovative Idea - Proof of Concept or Prototype 

  3. Be resident in Portugal or Malta 

  4. Have 2 people in your team 

  5. Apply Online -

  6. Relax and wait 

What are your chances of getting in? Depending on the quality of the applications we have the capacity to support between 10 to 15 teams. 

Don't wait for tomorrow, when there is today. Your dreams are only one click away. Apply now