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Agrifood Open Day 2022 was the first edition of EIT Food Portugal Hub annual event and took place at Arruda dos Vinhos, Portugal, on December 13th. Delivered in partnership with the Municipality of Arruda dos Vinhos, the event aimed at debating the status of the agrifood sector in 3 different levels (regional, national and european), as well as discussing the role that innovation and entrepreneurship can play as catalysers and promoters of resilience.

This was a full day dedicated to fostering potential synergies between agrifood players (whether startups, corporates, SMEs, research institutions or public entities) and at exploring how the collaboration between these different stakeholders can contribute towards a more sustainable, trusted and resilient agrifood value chain.


The Agrifood Open Day 2022 was organised by BGI Sustainable Ventures, with the support of the EIT Food and the Municipality of Arruda dos Vinhos

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