BIO-ALL  is an international accelerator built in Portugal, Italy and Spain under the Erasmus+ program  created to strengthen higher education systems and meet the needs of the entrepreneurs in the BioHealth sector. BIO-ALL goal is to boost efficient innovation and entrepreneurial processes in the biohealth sector, fostering co-creation and collaborative dynamics between and within relevant actors of the ecosystem.


This project will create:

BioHealth GearBox Blueprint - A roadmap developed with key actors and end-users presenting possible evolution, strategies and actions for the sector development.

Joint Post-Graduation - An International Joint Post-Graduation course on “Advanced Skills for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the BioHealth Sector.

Joint Accelerator Programme - An International Joint Accelerator Programme: “BioHealth Gear Box Business Accelerator” for seed-companies

Collaborative Hub - A Virtual Network for Entrepreneurs and Innovators in the BioHealth Sector fostering open innovation dynamics and co-creation of processes


BIOALL Gear Box Business Accelerator

The ambition to accelerate competences and boost entrepreneurship processes in the BIOHEALTH sector. The Bio-Health Gear Box Accelerator is an international program aimed at launching Portuguese, Spanish and Italian seed-stage startups in the BIO-Health related areas (i.e. that support the overall healthcare ecosystem including biotechnology, medicine, ICT, pharmaceutical industry, medical devices, chemistry, nutraceuticals, etc.)



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