BIO-ALL consortium coordinated by UbiMedical has the ambition to accelerate knowledge and competencies to boost efficient innovation and entrepreneurial processes in the BIOHEALTH sector, fostering co-creation, and collaborative dynamics between and within relevant actors of the ecosystem.
The BIO-All Gear Box Accelerator is an international program aimed at boosting the creation of Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian seed-stage startups in the BIOHEALTH related areas. The startups that will participate may range from early-stage to functioning prototype for MedTech or terminated preclinical research for pharma. The startups selected for the Bio- All Gear Box Accelerator have to be willing to sign a Safe with 2% (3% if they are the winner of the program) that is trigger once the startup reaches a 3 million valuation (this applies in Portugal and Italy, but in Spain, it will be equity-free).


Co-working space during the accelerator period Jun-Sep 2021
Weekly pulse check: Questionnaire for the startup so that the accelerator has feedback on the work done on the previous week and what is needed as the next steps and support
Mentorship program (including 1:1 meetings)
Training program (Master Classes, Workshop)
Demo Day, where will be a pitch and fundraising in front of investors
Learners’ Mobility: stay one week in each of the other two countries (between Portugal Spain and Italy)*
15 ECTS (Erasmus Credit Transfer System)
5000€ award to the top startup in each country


A team that is looking for a product-market fit
The idea has surpassed the ideation stage
First steps in forming the company and developing the concept
Currently developing either medical devices, medicine development, or non-invasive, non-regulatory therapeutics
Less than 5 years



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