Eat Circular is a project sponsored by the EIT Climate-KIC that seeks to promote education and tools to manage resource flows in the “Circular Food Chain”. This project aims to develop training sessions in Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain, to promote best practices in reducing food waste in collective food companies (e.g. canteens).

Eat Circular started in November 2019 and has the goal of training public and private officers on strategies to reduce our “food print”, that is, the amount of food we waste.


Workshops developed to raised awareness for tools, opportunities and barriers about food loss and waste management and prevention at the food service level, raising awareness and capacity to elaborate effective and country-specific policy recommendations, such as, for instance, climate-aware procurement rules.
Topics covered by the training session include policy, best practices, processes, business model and technologies to measure food waste/surplus, “divert” it, and avoid disposal.

  • Managers of private collective food companies (eg company and school canteens).

  • Academics and researchers in the areas of food, nutrition, food engineering, etc.

  • Responsables for procurement, subcontracting and management of dining spaces in public and municipal entities.

  • Startups connected with the management and reduction of food waste.

  • Other stakeholders

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