EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator


EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator is the only EU acceleration programme focused on climate impact by cleantech commercialisation. In three stages, our program brings you the knowledge, resources, tools and the coaching a cleantech startup needs for success.

  • Stage 1: Financing up to €5.000

  • Stage 2: Financing up to €35.000. Startups will sign a SAFE agreement with BGI, where you will be expected to give 7% of equity in case you reach a pre-money valuation of €3 Million. The equity will be divided accordinly 3% to BGI and 4% to LP. 

  • Stage 3: Business Development Support

  • Access to Europe’s largest CleanTech accelerator.

  • International Network.

  • Access to potential investors and clients.

  • Personalized Mentoring and Coaching.

For more information: https://medclimaccelerator.com/


The program looks for innovator with ideas to counter climate change that fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have a breakthrough business model, exponential technology, or solution with substantial climate impact;

  • Core value proposition can be based on digital as well as non-digital solutions.

  • Proof of Concept (POC) exists, (ideally) with a proven need for the solution.

  • The programme is open not only to classical clean-tech ventures based on regular for-profit legal structures, but also open to non-profits or hybrid legal structures.

  • The startup is composed by a motivated team (at least two founders).

  • The team is committed to participate in the programme activities. 

  • The team can work in an English-speaking environment.



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