EIT Food AgriFood Legal & Accounting Support


EIT Food AgriFood Legal and Accounting Support offers financial support for legal & accounting services to entrepreneurs and early stage startups that are making the food system better for people's health and better for the environment. EIT Food hopes that this support will help entrepreneurs to register new companies, startups to better protect their IP and for new and fair jobs to be created.


To help brilliant agrifood startups avoid these difficulties, EIT Food offers up to EUR 2,500€ to early stage entrepreneurs to help with specific legal and accounting challenges.

These funds are only available to startups in Southern and Eastern Europe.

To apply for the subgrant applicant must answer the set of questions and provide offers from three different legal/accounting providers which can address their legal/accounting need. One of those three legal/accounting firms will be considered later by EITFood as the provider of the service to the applicant.

  • Eligible applicant must be a resident and/or citizen from Portugal.

  • Eligible applicant must be part of a startup registered in Portugal.

  • Applicant cannot have received more than 60.000€ from EIT Food;

  • Applicant cannot have received Legal or Accounting Support from EIT Food previously.

  • Application must be completed and submitted in English.

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