EIT Food RIS Fellowships


EIT Food RIS Fellowships is dedicated to MSc students, graduates and young entrepreneurs, with different educational levels, educational and professional background, coming from different universities. Gain hands-on experience and strengthen your job-related skills during a 3 to 6 month internship in a company from the food sector. The internship is focused on cross-country mobility meaning you will carry out your internship in a host company outside your region of study or origin. RIS Fellowships interns will be provided with 1350€ scholarship/per month.


Precise matching candidates to the offered internships areas specified by each hosting company.
Gain hands-on experiences by creative problem solving and solving real work problematic situations of the organizations.
Get 1,350€ gross grant/month to support your expenses.

Know and learn about other ways of working and discuss from a different point of view.

Improve your Curriculum vitae and get contacts and opportunities that will open up doors for your professional life.

Enrich yourself knowing another country and getting involved in its culture.

  • Candidates must study or come from Portugal.

  • Be a student or graduate of MSc (Fellowships).

  • Have an interest in the agri-food sector.

  • Proactive attitude and be passionate about extra activities.

  • Have analytical skills, be open-minded, goal-oriented and team player.

  • Be ready to work in an international environment and speak English.

  • Be available during the period July until December 2020.

  • Have a cross-country mobility allowances and health insurance.



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