EIT Urban Mobility Open Innovation


The EIT Urban Mobility Innovation is for the participating Municipalities and Cities to present one or two challenges/opportunities, framed in the theme of creating more liveable urban areas, that they have in their regions, to a group of participants consisting of startups, research groups, professionals and consumers.

The goal of the program is to foster the collaboration between government stakeholders and startups, for the development of pilots, collaborations or partnerships.


More accurate challenge to solution fit for political stakeholders.
Better perception of municipalities and cities as innovative and sustainable regions.
Stronger relationship with the research, innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Create solutions for a more sustainable, healthier and transparente mobility system.
Visibility within the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Municipalities and Cities interesting in innovating the mobility in their region.

  • Startups and Scaleups providing solutions on the mobility industry.

  • Academics, consumers and professionals interested / concerned about the mobility industry challenges.

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