i-Danha Food Lab Accelerator


i-Danha Food Lab Accelerator is a program that during 6 months, the accepted ventures will receive in-kind support up to 15.000 €, mainly for prototype verification and Business Model validation, directly with suppliers and clients, such as farmers. During the mentoring program, the selected projects will have access to experienced business catalysts, expert mentors, investors, corporates, introductions and connections to the startup ecosystem from the BGI’s network.


This program looks for hungry and ambitious entrepreneurs with disruptive innovation that need guidance and conditions for trials / demos, from two main tracks:

  • New business models for traditional business

  • Technology ventures (startups)

They shall aim to fulfill at least one of the following goals:

  • CO2 mitigation

  • Water & Energy

  • Circular economy

  • Logistics & distribution channels

  • Biotech & Biodynamics

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