EIT Food Test Farms


Test Farms programme is designed to link startups that are looking to validate their agricultural solutions with farmers or agricultural/pasture land to do a pilot project.
You will receive:
Matchmaking with farmers/agricultural or pasture land with the required conditions for a successful pilot project.
The opportunity to do a pilot with professional farmers in a realistic setting in Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria to achieve validation of your agricultural solution.
Possibilities to showcase your solution in a realistic setting to display your proof of concept during Demo Day organised at the site of farmer.
Access to EIT Food network.
3000 EUR budget to support the travel and testing phase.


The applicant is a company registered in one of the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Greece.
The applicant has received no more than 60,000 euros in funding from EIT Food in 2020.
The applicant has developed an innovative solution in agriculture/animal husbandry.
EIT Food has six overarching strategic themes to transform our food system. Selected startups needs to work towards one of them. The 6 themes are: Alternative proteins, Sustainable agriculture, Targeted nutrition, Digital traceability and Circular food systems.



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