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BGI Brand

The BGI brand has been built around disruptive innovation, sustainability, creating opportunities, smart financing and helping startups achieve success.


Our Logo is very symbolic of our vision, Mission and Culture.  The colour blue represents the opportunities we help create, while the colour grey represents the inclusivity of innovation in our program and processes.


The logo further depicts two adjacent non-linear lines, moving in an upward fashion. This is because BGI majorly focuses on two startup categories (i.e. Gazelles and Rockets). We understand that each category has unique characteristics in regards to growth and financing, hence the  differences in the paths of each line.


Each line resembles an upward staircase, representative of our commitment to see you through all the gains and pains of growth. We will be with you step by step till you achieve your goal-success.  The upward movement is symbolic of our ability to take you from point A to Point B. We make you better. We take you further. 

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