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EIT Food RIS Fellowships

Students or masters, 1.350€ scholarship/per month; hands-on experience and strengthen your job-related skills during a 3 to 6 month internship in a food sector company

BGI Accelerator

11 year deep tech international Accelerator - Spin out of MIT Portugal Entrepreneurship Initiative

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EIT Digital Accelerator

Accelerator for post sales startups to scale their business

EIT Jumpstarter

Pre-accelerator for early-stage innovators who want to gain traction and jumpstart their business

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Accelerator for early stage startups from the bio medical sector from Portugal, Italy and Spain

EWA Empowering Women in Agrifood

Accelerator for women working in the agrifood sector with a final pitch prize of 10 000 euros

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BGI Portfolio Companies

Check BGI alumni from the different accelerator programs


Training sessions & tools to promote best practices in reducing food waste

EIT Urban Mobility Open Innovation

is for the participating Municipalities and Cities to present one or two challenges/opportunities, framed in the theme of creating more liveable urban areas,

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EIT Food RIS Talents

PhD students of post docs 2.000€ scholarship/per month in a 3 to 6 month internship

Boston Global Immersion

1 week for deep tech startups raising over 1 million euros, to meet investors, corporates and experts from Boston

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EIT Health Bridgehead

Tailor-made program and funding for European health startups to escale to new markets

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EIT Food AgriFood Legal & Accounting Support

to agrifood startups with grant up to 2.500€

Vodafone Power Lab

For tech startups that can supply, collaborate, be a client or partner with Vodafone

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Ecosystem Reports

Objective Reports that provide you an overview of the Portuguese Tech Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Top 25 Portuguese startups

EIT Digital Open Innovation

Corporates design challenges and opportunities in the digital area and startups address them with proposals though a validated methodology aiming towards a pilot/collaboration/partnership

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Training sessions & tools to promote best practices in reducing food waste

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EIT Food Digieduhack

Hackathon is for students, entrepreneurs and researchers to create solutions to improve the food system.

EIT Climate KIC Pioneers into Practice

4-6 week placement (domestic or international), bespoke transitions thinking & systems innovation mentoring delivered through a structured workshop program and online training

EIT Digital Venture Program

Pre accelerator for digital startups with investment up to 25.000€

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EIT Food Innovation Prizes

2 day bootcamp + DemoDay with money prize for startups in the food industry

EIT Food Test Farms

For startups who need to test their agritech solutions with farmers

i-Danha Food Lab Accelerator

Accelerator and funding to sustainable SME and startups in the food production/transformation/distribution sector to operate in Idanha-a-Nova

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EIT Food Government Executive Academy

Learning experience for government representatives into challenges related to food system innovations


CoLab to produce organic food in a circular economy system integrating traditional agricultor and novel farming technique

EIT Food Open Innovation

The EIT Food Open Innovation is for the participating companies (big and medium size corporations) to present one or two challenges/opportunities

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EIT Climate-KIC The Journey

Summer School for students focused on climate action, innovation, systems transformation, and community building

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