Bio-All consortium coordinated by UbiMedical has the ambition to accelerate knowledge and competencies to boost efficient innovation and entrepreneurial processes in the BIOHEALTH sector, fostering co-creation, and collaborative dynamics between and within relevant actors of the ecosystem.
The BIO-All Gear Box Accelerator is an international program aimed at boosting the creation of Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian seed-stage startups in the BIOHEALTH related areas. The startups that will participate may range from early-stage to functioning prototype for MedTech or terminated preclinical research for pharma. The startups selected for the Bio- All Gear Box Accelerator have to be willing to sign a Safe with 2% (3% if they are the winner of the program) that is trigger once the startup reaches a 3 million valuation (this applies in Portugal and Italy, but in Spain, it will be equity-free).

Who can apply?
  • A team that is looking for a product-market fit

  • The idea has surpassed the ideation stage

  • First steps in forming the company and developing the concept

  • Currently developing either medical devices, medicine development, or non-invasive, non-regulatory therapeutics

  • Less than 5 years​

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