Bio All mentorship program


What is the BioAll mentorship program?  

The BioAll mentorship program is designed to provide the mentors selected from each partner an indeept look at what will be their responsibilities when mentoring the startups selected for the BioAll GearBox Accelerator in a tailor made preparation program. Two mentors will be selected from each of the BIO-ALL consortium partners (except the partner VA that will only provide one member to participate). The program has free training and coverage of travel expenses for the selected mentors. The mentors that participate in this program will work pro-bono with no expectation of reward or compensation, they will share the knowledge they have acquired in their experience, they will guide the startups freely and openly in their networks when appropriate for the startups. The mentor will be allocated to the startup he will be mentoring based on the strengths and background of the mentors, what is the goal of the startup, and the feedback both provide. This allocation will be done in a manner in which they proactively support each other.


The moments in which you will be involved are: 

  • February 15th - 18th of 2021- Train The Trainer course in Rome (Cube Labs) = 4 days, 32 hours

  • July 2021 - Matchmaking Event = 3 hours

  • July - August 2021 - Mentorship Program 8 (preparation) + 8 (meetings)= 16 hours

  • Administrative/Logistic time = 5 hours

As of this moment we cannot confirm if all the events mentioned above will occur physically, virtually or in a hibride setting. 

Requirements to participate: 

The mentors will be selected from each of the BIO-ALL consortium partners, they should have deep knowledge and expertise with transversal knowledge of both industry investment and entrepreneurship. Their motivation should be aligned with the BIO-ALL goals. They should have availability to attend on all the dates expressed above.  
When the call closes all applicants will receive feedback on their application. If you are one of the selected mentors you will automatically have access to the complete BioAll mentorship training program. You will have the opportunity to interact with the startups selected to be part of the BioAll gearbox accelerator program from Italy, Portugal and Spain.

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