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What is the BlueBio Value Ideation program?  

​The BlueBio Value is an Ideation program that aims at boosting ideas and early stage projects in the blue bioeconomy area. The participants may range from university students to scientific researchers, who are interested (or working) in the Blue Biotech industry.

The goals of this Ideation are:

  • Find and support existing ideas to create new startups

  • Foster the creation of new ideas to then conduct research

  • Create pilots

  • Create teams: each team will have 5 people, and will be allocated by the Blue Bio Value team. In case you are already developing an idea with other members that will participate in the Ideation you should write their names so you are allocated together

The Ideation offers:

  • 2 days of intensive ideation workshops including: Sketching, Prototyping, Brainstorming, Brainwriting, Worst Possible Idea

  • Hacking workshops: Idea engineering. Concept engineering. Value engineering product. Value engineering process.

  • Mentorship sessions: 1:1 meetings with experts to boost your idea

  • Final pitch competition: the winner will receive support to create a startup and initiate a pilot

Timeline 2021:

  • 30th June - Online Explanatory Webinar about  the Ideation

  • 26 July 23:59 GMT+1 Portuguese time - Deadline for Applications Submission

  • 10th August - Announcement of teams for the Ideation

  • 2nd of September - Onboarding meeting with all the teams, explaining the process

  • 18th and 19th of September - Lisbon Ideation

  • 25th and 26th of September - Porto Ideation

  • October & December - Support for the winners to create a prototype, viable business model and look for pilot