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1 - Global context of the challenge

EDP aims at leading the energy transition to create superior value. The EDP Group produces, distributes and generates power to around 12 million customers. With 27GW of power production capacity of which around 75% are wind, solar and hydro, EDP is the 4th largest wind power producer in the world. Active in 18 countries including USA, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and the UK, and employing about 12.000 people, EDP bets in Open Innovation through a combination of Corporate Venture Capital, Startup Engagement, Intrapreneurship and hands-on project collaboration.

2 - Challenge/Opportunity definition

We need to tackle data security in order to acknowledge potential security flaws and gather better know-how on the type of attacks, their origin, and other security-related information. For that, we need to have a disruptive way of analyzing and correlate all our data. EDP has hundreds of systems deployed either on-premise or on-cloud in UNIX-based systems, and in non-commercial database engines. It is important to have visibility of important security events that occur in order to anticipate the detection of security flaws.

3 - Why is it important?

EDP wants to detect unknown threats and improve security in an on-going basis. We have not been able to address part of the deluge of security data available. Tackling efficiently this challenge can increase the resilience of EDP’s security infrastructure. EDP depends on its applications that are supported by databases to store and process data. Possible security flaws can be exploited that undermine the performance and data security of our systems.

4 - What do we want for the solution?

We are looking for a performant cost-effective solution that can provide us the ability to analyze the data mentioned and that can provide actionable insights as most as possible in an automated manner.

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