Jose de Mello Saude – CUF


Jose de Mello Saude – CUF

1 - Global context of the challenge

CUF is the leading healthcare provider in Portugal. It currently manages 1 public hospital in public-private partnership, and 19 healthcare units, including 8 hospitals. CUF has 75 years of experience in a growing sector, currently reaching over 1 million customers across the country. Last year, CUF provided over 2.7 million appointments, 8 million exams, 80 thousand surgeries, and the birth of 9% of the Portuguese newborns.

2 - Challenge/Opportunity definition

A Comprehensive Virtual Care Experience
We’re looking to provide a more comprehensive virtual care experience. We aim to build a hybrid journey to our clients, both in the administrative and clinical touchpoints. This implies being ready to give the best experience throughout the journey to the clients that are more digital savvy but also to the ones that aren’t, and of course the ones that stand in the middle.
In the clinical perspective, we aim to improve healthcare outside hospital walls, building new services and adding new products as complements to teleconsultation and telemonitoring that could enhance the patient’s autonomy in what concerns to healthcare.

3 - Why is it important?

Digital care is growing exponentially and it promises to drastically transform healthcare services around the globe. In fact, features such as online blood tests, mobile healthcare apps and wearables, ingestible sensors, electronic records, and AI have been and will continue to revamp the sector. Nevertheless, the past interest in digital healthcare services has boomed with the current pandemic, making each and every healthcare player interested in reinforcing its digital offer.

4 - What do we want for the solution?

We would like to increase the number of non-physical interactions with our customers and to being able to reach customers that are currently too far away from our physical network.

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