Via Verde


Via Verde

1 - Global context of the challenge

Via Verde is a Portuguese company dedicated to electronic toll collection, providing services outside highways, where parking, both on-street and off-street, comprising with 24 cities for on-street and close to 200 car parks for off-street. With more than 4 million OBUs distributed, Via Verde processed close to 1.3 million transactions per day.

2 - Challenge/Opportunity definition

Parking service, divided for on-street and off-street is mail related with rotation scheme, meaning the amount to be paid is calculated on a time basis. There are some exceptions for periodic tickets in some cities and car parks, but sill a niche positioning. With a digital solution piloted, where access to car parks can be done with smartphone and in the future using in-car technology, we do understand that there is a need to change the offer to Customers and Operators, involving other parking components, as like: discounts, usage of services provided while the car is parked (car washing, electric charging, bike sharing, repairing’s, …), periodic passes, cross selling with services associated with the area that the car park is serving (hotel, entertainment, shopping, …), reservation, premium places, handicaps information and services, between others.

3 - Why is it important?

Via Verde plays a relevant role in car parking industry. Nevertheless, market trends indicates that digitalization, parking combined with other services will allow Via Verde positioning to be strengthen. In Europe we can experience multiple players appearing, and Portugal, our key market, will be a target as well. Via Verde want’s to fortify its positioning and make the opportunity for new entrants difficult.

4 - What do we want for the solution?

How can we change our parking offer to make it attractive to car parking operators, converting the offer from a payment scheme into a service where payment is included, contributing for an increase of 20% of current revenue for this service.

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