"Climate change is no longer a far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now." -- Barack Obama

Pioneers Into Practice - PiP



Professional mobility programme that aims at creating a community of thinkers, that together will place sustainable technologies into practice. There are no costs involved, only willingness to make a difference.



For that, there are two tracks (that we are looking only for Portuguese players):

  • Pioneers: Professionals (entrepreneurs or corporates) that will go to an internatIonal entity to develop an approach to a specific identified problem;

  • Hosts: Entities (public or private) that will accepted for 4-6 weeks the pioneer, and will design the challenge to be met..



From May to November, pioneers will be punctually involved in different stages:

  • training (e.g. workshops);

  • group phase to develop a solution;

  • mobility program.



  • Shape the world's next economy;

  • Create new products and services to boost the low carbon economy;

  • Look at things differently.

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