Park(ing) Day

Arrived in Alcântara, Lisbon
🗓️ September 15th

Parking day

About the Event

For the first time in Lisbon, Park(ing) Day will be held on September 15th, as a result of the collaboration between BGI and EIT Urban Mobility.

Park(ing) Day is an international event that takes place annually in cities all around the world, with the main objective of temporarily occupying parking spaces to create an open public space that allows for dynamic activities involving the entire community.

This event thus marks the launch of the Semana Europeia da Mobilidade, the main awareness campaign of the European Commission on sustainable urban mobility, which takes place every year from September 16th to 22nd.
Parking day

How to Participate?

To participate in Park(ing) Day in Lisbon, just pass in front of nº82 at Rua Luís de Camões, in Alcântara (Lisbon)! When you arrive, you'll see the parking lot transformed into a creative space. Walk around the area, enjoy the installations, and interact with the participants!

Don't forget to capture the memorable moments of the event and share them on social media with the hashtag #parkingdaylisboa2023.

Don't forget to bring:

Culinary specialties to surprise our neighbours' taste buds

Inspirational books
to swap or donate

Musical instruments
for a memorable Jam Session

Join us on Park(ing) Day and be part of an inspiring urban transformation.
Mark your calendar: September 15th, from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm!

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09:00 AM

Free Activities

EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Portugal

10:00 AM

Workshop Instantaneous Book

BLX - Biblioteca de Belem

12:00 PM

Neighbours Picnic: Food Wave


02:30 PM

Informal Talk: Generations In Motion


05:00 PM

Urban Farming Workshop

Hortas LX

06:00 PM

Bike Repair Workshop

Cicloficina da Junqueira

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