3 Medium articles for aspiring entrepreneurs

Looking for inspiration? Check out these 3 Medium articles.

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Do you know Medium? This is a place for sharing experiences and opinions, where "Entrepreneurship" and "Startups" are often a hot topic.

You can join the community and share your own articles, or simply look for inspiration from other creators' pieces.

You will find the most successful entrepreneurs in the world regularly sharing their latest stories and funny moments from their journeys. So today we decided to share with you 3 of our favorite articles:

#1. 7 Rejections by Brian Chesky, Co-founder and CEO of Airbnb

This is a very simple article that will only steal 2 minutes of your time. But the message is worth it and will make you think! Without too many spoilers, this article reveals the struggle entrepreneur’s face when they are trying to get funding for their projects.

✓ Takeover: Large companies have been rejected a gazillion times too. Just because some investors don't see the potential doesn't mean it isn't there. So you have to keep believing you're working on something big and turn rejection into fuel for success!

#2.My Advice for First-Time Entrepreneurs by Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia

In this article, the well-known "Gary Vee" shares the advice he always gives first-time entrepreneurs to become successful. Gary talks about the big commitment of being an entrepreneur and the need to be practical with money. Here are some tips that you might find useful.

✓ Takeover: Entrepreneurship is not just a lifestyle choice, as it is often glamorized. It's about hard work and commitment. A real labor of love.

#3. CEO Advice from a New CEO by Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter and Jelly Industries, Inc.

Biz Stone has worked with some of the greatest CEOs in the world. Now, he shares some lessons he learned along the way, and talks about the great leader traits he adopted for himself as CEO.

✓ Takeover: This article shows the value of reaching outside our company for advice to “cover our blind spots”. Surround yourself with experienced people who can help you and advise you. As Biz Stone put it, "no matter how big your company is, there are more smart people outside".

As also stated in the article, “in the absence of knowledge, fear fills the void”. That's why we're here to prevent fear from intruding on your goals and to ensure you don't start functioning under faulty assumptions.

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