4 simple tips to improve your LinkedIn page

There is no doubt that a LinkedIn account is an asset for professionals and companies. From expanding your network of contacts to increasing the awareness of your brand, this professional social media is the ideal place for your company - especially if it’s B2B - to start growing in the online environment.

White background with Linkedin logo and workers walking in front

If you have a LinkedIn account, you are a user among more than 3 million in Portugal. We know that it’s not always easy to stand out from the crowd, but there are small improvements that we can implement that can make all the difference. We are also learning about social media and how to create relevant and attractive content for our audience and, for that reason, we would like to share some tips with you.

Creating good publications on a regular basis, as well as paying attention to small details such as the headline and key words, will enhance a vast organic marketing potential and strengthen your online community. Get to know 4 tips that can help you improve your LinkedIn page, raising it in your network feeds:

1. Be found more easily by using the right terms

How would you like your company to be found? What search words do you think people will search for to find your company? These are the terms you should include in your username and in your headline. Choosing the right keywords is essential, as they work as tags, which are crucial when conducting a search on Linkedin. How many times have you searched for a specific account and not found it easily? That account was probably not using the most suitable keywords.

Also, on your page in general, always try to use terms that are directly related to your area of activity and your professional experience, to make it more discoverable by search engines.

2. Share on "trendy" topics and be proactive <