5 entrepreneurship myths you should know before starting your own business

Following many entrepreneurs closely, and working in the area of entrepreneurship, sometimes we at BGI come across some rumors and myths about the sector.

Many people form the wrong idea of what it means to be an entrepreneur through what they hear from other people, through jokes, or through what they see in movies. Of course, the experience of each entrepreneur is different, however there are some popular myths.

Well, today we are here to demystify some of those rumors and prove that no preconceived idea should be a reason to stop you from starting your dream business. Likewise, there may be misconceptions that paint entrepreneurship gold and encourage you to start a business. We will also debunk these ideas today.

Here are 5 myths you should know before developing your startup:

Myth #1: Entrepreneurs don’t have free time

There is a common idea that all entrepreneurs who want to succeed must work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's true that entrepreneurship requires long hours of work and commitment. But that doesn't mean that you are unable to take time for leisure, and to be with family and friends.