7 ways to improve your online pitch

We believe that pitching is not an easy task, even for experienced entrepreneurs. But for first-time entrepreneurs the feeling may be similar to a roller coaster trip, in which there is a mixture of enthusiasm, nervousness, adrenaline and in the end a certain feeling of pride for having achieved and not giving up in the entry line.

It is true. Raising capital from investors is an art that we want to help you master. This requires a good pitch deck, of course. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to other aspects, especially now when the pitches have been converted to online.

Since March of last year - when the pandemic started to worsen in Europe and in the World - the BGI team has witnessed numerous pitches online. And we came to the conclusion that there is a pattern of small mistakes made by the entrepreneurs. We know that the opportunity to finally reach an investor is very important and entrepreneurs want to exclude all chances of failure. But virtually, things can become more difficult and more stressful. Either it is not possible to share the computer screen, or the screen freezes, or the WiFi goes down, or someone interrupts the pitch with background noise, or several seconds after the pitch starts someone says the most common phrase recently: "You're muted".

Nevertheless, it is precisely in solving problems that we recognize good entrepreneurs and today we have compiled a list of the 7 most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs while pitching online, together with 7 tips for improving future pitches.