BGI Featured in Interactive of Top Accelerators Across The World

BGI was recently featured in Embroker’s interactive as one of the top startup accelerators and incubators. Wherever your startup is in the growth stage, if you’re looking for extra support, check out the comprehensive table Embroker created of over 160 startup accelerators and incubators around the world.

Using the table, you can sort by criteria such as location, initial funding, legal support, and mentorship, free office space, or demo day. Choosing the right program for your startup requires deep consideration of your long-term goals and what’s important to your team. It’s very much a partnership, so be sure your values align with the program. For example, BGI values honesty, creativity, loyalty, reliability and more.

Launching a startup is not an easy task. Every stage in the growth process can pose a unique set of challenges. This is why over 90% of startups fail within 3 years. From business advice to legal guidance or a space for collaboration, in order for your startup to reach success, there are many moving parts (and expenses) that come along with it.

Accelerators provide the resources and infrastructure to help push your startup to the next level. Whether you are beginning to develop an idea, building out a new product, or simply need an extra push of funding, consider your startup's unique needs. What are your goals, priorities and growth road map so far?

Think of the program as a lifeline that will help scale your business. Opportunities, networks, or audiences which may have not been reachable otherwise. Looking to get started? BGI provides support for aspiring entrepreneurs, acceleration, or innovation consulting to fulfill any of your needs.

By Megan Darmody, Content Marketing Lead at siegemedia

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