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BGI's wishes for this Christmas

In this Christmas season, decorations, family reunions and the most relaxed atmosphere are the dominant notes, accompanied by all the magic that characterizes this time and that is lived in our homes, on the streets, but also in our workplaces, with the office decorations, exchanging gifts, and Christmas dinners... Regardless of the religious beliefs and the scenario we live in, this time will always awake the best we have in us: solidarity, forgiveness, family, giving and receiving...

This year, due to the pandemic that is plaguing the world, Christmas will surely be lived differently by everyone. Although trying to keep normality and traditions to the maximum, this Christmas will be marked by dichotomies: for some it will be a time to renew wishes and hope; for others it will be a reminder that the pandemic has changed our lives and distanced us.

In the hope of reviving everyone's Christmas spirit, the BGI team gathered their wishes and created a small Christmas message for their entire network.

In this season, let’s all rethink the true meaning of Christmas, as a time of doing good and caring for others. This one, in particular, will be marked as a form of general solidarity, in which we will make sacrifices for the common good - the public health. The biggest gift will undoubtedly be that we are healthy and that our loved ones are healthy too. Let’s all make this Christmas a turning point and the light at the end of the tunnel for a new year to come, which we believe to be happier, united and full of achievements.

To our entire network, we wish you a blessed Christmas!

The BGI Team

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