BGI + Zeta HUB = Inspiration. Wait, what?

Last week BGI was in Sousse, Tunisia, to close a partnership with Zeta HUB.

Everything started with Zeta HUB inauguration. It will be the first incubator of its kind in that region that will support engineering and business school students from IHE ESPITA University in their ideation process in order to build future start-ups.

They do not only have co-working space, but also 3 laboratories for different purposes. The results? From the pilot started in January they already have over 20 students involved and 6 ideas generated.

So far, so good. What we were not expecting was to find the most open minded and kind people.

At the inauguration we were honored to present BGI right next to the former Minister of Finance, Mr. Jalloul Ayed and the President of IHE Group, Sleheddine Hellara, who provided a vision of great future for the students who completely filled up the auditorium, based on real inspiring stories.

And at that moment, instead of a young audience of student on the smartphone, I saw dreamers looking further away in their horizon.

It was odd, I was already pretty inspired and I started to wonder how Zeta HUB got so many engineering students excited about entrepreneurship.

After the opening speeches, we went to the co-working space to meet the students and network, and signed the first Zeta HUB partnership, which happens to be with BGI.

Faten (Director of Zeta HUB) and Sabrine (the school director) were excited to show us their work and looking forward to working together. And so was I.

The weekend begins: kicking off with an Hackathon for Zeta HUB entrepreneurs to come up with a business model for their ideas.

Between the French, Tunisian Arabic and English, the students showed impressive resilience and enthusiasm to be the next successful entrepreneurs.

It looked liked we found a small portion of “Boston Cambridge’s” spirit in Tunisia, and it happened to be in one of the most paradisiac places, Sousse.

Between the students, ideas, spicy food, sea, sun, chicha, chichi (if you are Portuguese this is not what you are thinking but rather a traditional sweet), the amazing landscape, and the incredible mentors Faten, Mohamed and Firas, we, me and Ana, were the lucky ones - as we had the most amazing time.

We saw young entrepreneurs fighting for their dreams, and coaches that would go to the ‘extra extra extra’ mile to help them become true.

The result was amazing pitches, ideas that are now close to reality, and a huge feeling of nostalgia from BGI team, for the magic and inspirational moment we had in those 5 days in Sousse.

I am confident to say that Sousse is no longer just a paradisiac place to visit, but rather the paradisiac place that builds the entrepreneurs for the future!

So keep tuned and find out what are the next activities we will do together, and maybe you will even be part of one, and be inspired as much as BGI was!

Thank you Faten and to all the Zeta Hub team.