Blog Tips: 10 steps to a successful startup

As Albert Einstein said "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new". In fact, being an entrepreneur and working in an ecosystem of startups involves making mistakes and learning from them, both with ours and others. And if we think about it, sometimes it is from certain failures or certain problems from the past that great ideas are born and great businesses are formed. Naturally, it is better when we identify errors before we fall into a mess, isn't it? That's why today we bring you another "Blog Tips". The purpose of this text is to mention some tips that, for us, as a startup accelerator with 10 years of experience, make all the difference to the success of an enterprise.

1. Your idea seeks to solve an existing problem or need

It doesn't matter how creative or imaginative an idea is if it’s not useful. It may be something that doesn’t exist yet, but what will really determine the success of your business is to simply check “why should people care?”. Before developing your startup, it is advisable to answer these questions: what is the real need that I am serving with this idea? Is this idea innovative and relevant to someone? How many people would actually buy? If your invention doesn't add anything, it probably won't be successful. Also, it helps a lot if you start by doing a market study, to understand the needs of the target audience and the possibiliti