Blog Tips: TOP 5 Most Important Characteristics for a Winning Startup

In the previous posts, we have been giving tips for the success of startups, and a part of these tips involved having a good team. In fact, we don't lie when we say "no team, no success". I mean, maybe you can make it without a team, in the same way, you can go from Lisbon to Porto on foot. But it is also true that a car can help on the way, right? With a team, it's exactly the same. We can make achievements alone, but a good team, with good skills and knowledge, will make success much sooner! So, in this blog post we prove that "two heads are better than one" and we bring you the top 5 characteristics that a team must have in order to be successful!

1. The right skills Reading a magazine article some time ago, I came across something that I considered very true. Let's look at the following example: when we recruit someone for the position of "Communication Director", we naturally expect someone with high communication skills. But in communication there are several segments, like journalism, public relations, content, design, and so on so forth... The same goes for Marketing, where tactics can include, for example, digital, advertising, inbound and outbound, cont