Consulting firms and their role in catalyzing innovation | everis

The word innovation has become emblematic nowadays, and a necessary condition for success, especially in the entrepreneurship industry. Even the biggest tech companies need to innovate to remain on top, or they will be replaced quickly. The fast pace of current businesses, and the constant need to meet consumers’ needs instantaneously, puts innovation at the top of the list. Many industries look to consulting firms to bring in or advise on innovation. This brings up the question, what is the role of consulting firms in promoting innovation and boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystems? We got some answers to this question in an interview with Tiago Palas Santos, a manager at the renowned consulting form everis.

everis is a consulting company that values talent, innovation, evolution, and diversification and, above all, attitude. As Tiago stated in the interview "attitude is one of the major topics for us, so bring the attitude to any kind of problem". Present in 17 countries, ev