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Discover the new BGI office

It's official! Our team finished the moving process and settled in the new office, located in LISPOLIS. Today we share with you the final result.

Although remote work has become a necessity in the last 2 years, with the easing of restrictions, companies are slowly returning to their workspaces. We at BGI are slowly returning to in person work, but not to the same office. The relocation process started in the last months of 2021 and the final touches of the decoration were given in time for us to start 2022 in a great way, in a new work environment.

You can now visit us at Building 1 (Centro de Incubação e Desenvolvimento) of LISPOLIS - Lisbon Technological Pole. But for now, we share with you some photos of the space. A little sneak peek! 😉

Since we are talking about returning to the office, it’s also important to remember the benefits of in person work and the importance of office environments, which are key for employees and shouldn’t be forgotten.

While the pandemic has come to prove that remote work is possible - and even an advantage - for a wide range of businesses, there are also advantages of office working. Let's list some of them:

1) Sharing an organizational culture

It’s not new that organizational culture has an influence on business performance, especially on employee productivity and creativity. The reason for this is the ability to contribute to people's well-being, to ensure that they are more engaged in their roles, and to work towards the same goal.

In order to help us remember the purpose of our company, the walls of our office were decorated with our values.

2) Balancing work and home life

Without wanting to discourage remote work, we know that some professionals find it more difficult to maintain a healthy relationship between work and personal life. It takes self-discipline and balance not to mix both things up. Even if you love your job, it's unhealthy to feel that your home is no longer a space of comfort where you can disconnect from work matters. If by chance this is your reality, working full-time at the office can help separate the waters.

3) Having a suitable place to work

Many jobs are suitable for working from home, but are all homes suitable for working?

Maybe you have some noise from neighbors doing construction work at home, maybe your children and family are a distraction, or you don't have a home office where you can "isolate" for the necessary time... The point is that spaces and environments around us are important for our concentration and productivity.

If some people have favorable conditions to work in their own home, others find these conditions guaranteed in the office: suitable equipment such as comfortable chairs and desks that help to maintain the correct posture, good screens, adjusted temperature, balance between conversation and concentration times, and so on.

We could even talk about building and maintaining good relationships with colleagues. Fortunately for us, even online, our team didn't feel disunity, or lack of team bonding moments!

What about you? Are you working remotely, in person or hybrid?

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