Do you trust me?

I am Benny, and I am trustworthy.

We make acts based on trust every day: when we get up in the morning, when we get on a crowded subway, when we eat the cafeteria food, when we believe in newspapers, when we take into account restaurant reviews, when we think that doctors can save lives and lawyers defend people. We trust governments, institutions and organizations.

and markets.

I work in a startup accelerator that I trust.

When I started my internship as Sales Manager at Building Global Innovators, I had no clue what was behind the ”startup scene”.

I used to believe that a bunch of young guys, a bit crazy, on a budget but dreamers, tried to find their place on the market (or, to put it another way, in the world).

What was next? Step by step I have been reaching those guys, and everything they are connected with: the pitch, deep-technology, time to market, investors, mentors, potential clients, acceleration programs, and so much more.

If there is a thing that I have learned, is that to sell successfully you need people to trust you. And trust is an emotional act more than a logical one, because you expose your vulnerabilities to people, believing they will not take advantage of your openness.

This happens mostly when I meet students and tell them about the Venture Program and they show both excitement about their business idea and fear to run their first startup.

But trust also means making an exchange with someone when you do not have full knowledge about them, their intent and the things they are offering to you.

This happens when I look for new promising startups in the Portuguese ecosystem to present them BGI Accelerator and USA Global Immersion, and when I get in touch with them for the first time.

They don’t know me and they are not fully aware of what I am offering, but when I explain to them that newborn businesses are able to raise million euro investments today after going through our programs, they make a connection with me, and they are curious, and they want to know more about the network that was built by whom, with countless hours and passion, worked hard before me.

It all comes down to who will trust you, from all the meetings BGI will schedule you, all those investors and corporates you have met, the ones that actually trust you will succeed. Sometimes you have to put yourself in their shoes and think about why and to whom they would turn for help if, for the first or umpteenth time, after many achievements and failures, you would have to choose in who to invest your time and money.

However, trust is also something that you have to earn and nurture.

Our alumni are the result of that: we are always are interested in getting updates from them, following their paths behind the scenes and providing them with more opportunities to break into new markets.

And you, reading this post, trust me, someone who trusts us will believe you are a risk worth taking. Guess Why?

Because in 9 years our alumni, 133 startups, have raised close to 200 million euros that we have selected for our trusted network.

Because the average survival rate in the Portuguese ecosystem is about 5% but 64% of the startups that pass through our acceleration programs survived and succeeded over time.

Because we are a winning, young, and passionate team, that tries to make great ideas and people succeed as much as they deserve.

Trust me, check our programs and apply. Or call me.