First week at a new job... all over again!

A little bit ago I talked about how it felt to start working at BGI and how exciting yet awe-inspiring it was. Well I enjoyed it so much I got to have the entire experience twice, first day at a new place, all over again. I didn’t only start working at BGI but also at Vodafone, more in particular at Vodafone Power Lab.

At any new place you have never been to before you get all the same feelings back: how is it going to be? What do they expect from me? That feeling is never going to go away and that is something good, it means you are always doing something new, within your job. That you are having more than the standard 9 to 5. You are always being challenged to contribute to new innovative projects, and always being propelled to improving yourself while co-developing new ways to get things done.

In a way to assure that Vodafone’s Innovation Program is more connected than ever to the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem nothing better then to have a startup managing their community. And in a nutshell, that’s my job, I try to find new startups that are cutting edge to develop pilots with Vodafone, manage the current pilots and make sure everything is going smoothly, promote the products of Vodafone Vitrin and together with the remarkable team at BGI create a custom-made mentoring program to empower Vodafone’s employees.

Through this amazing partnership I get to have the best of both worlds the go, go, go of the startup way and the methodical discipline of the corporate world. I’ll be honest, it takes some time finding your balance between these two but when you do you just get this wave of achievement going through you. You get the opportunity to be managed by people with very different backgrounds that allow you to see and re-see all the subjects through a ray of different perspectives.

With this BGI can assure that Vodafone is always in the loop and has the perfect connection with up-and-coming start-ups that have the latest technology. That are ready to take the leap and are excited to partner with Vodafone to reach new heights. Besides that, the start-ups that Vodafone empowers get personalized events directed at their needs, from how to assure back office activities to pitch training with MIT coaches to assure they have the best support.

With this obviously you never get a dull moment, but it’s all worth it when you can see it all coming into shape. You have the start-ups, and all the different areas in Vodafone coming together doing their best to make sure Vodafone develops & supports the newest and most amazing projects.

- Beatriz Riscado