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Five 2020 achievements and the lessons we learned from them

2020 was an atypical year in which the Earth seems to have stopped and created a fear of living in people. Since the beginning of the year, we have witnessed intense situations, such as threats of war, natural disasters, the spread of COVID-19, the drastic death of George Floyd that triggered a wave of protests against racism, among others. People wonder what else will happen until the year is over, and others are already concerned with what 2021 has in store for us.

With such a violent year, it seems that there is not much good to get out of it. But the old African proverb already said: "Smooth tides do not produce good sailors". Thus, and even though it is difficult, it is necessary to face things in a positive way, and to understand that the new habits that had to be implemented also brought learning for the future.

At BGI we thank everything we have achieved and learned even with all the adversities. Here are 5 of our achievements and the lessons learned from them.

Creation of the Business Development team

BGI is growing in people, projects and ... departments! True, this year we developed a new artery for BGI: the BusDev Team, dedicated to supporting our startups to create the foundation for their successful businesses. The main lesson from this achievement?

  • We proved that without market research there are no scalable sales;

  • The dedication of a team and the team work take us further way faster, make the journey way easier and... funnier!? Yes, I think we can say that too! :D

Food For Sustainability CoLAB

The collaborative laboratory Food For Sustainability, led by BGI, started off strongly this year and much progress has been made: from recruiting the team, to opening the laboratory in Idanha-a-Nova. And even a rebranding of the brand.!

  • The main lesson we learned was the importance of hiring the right people, with the right areas of expertise, to make a business happen and function as a whole. More than ever, hiring and retaining talent is a process that requires a lot of organization and professionalism.

Expansion of BGI to Brazil

BGI is crossing borders and creating projects abroad. This year was marked by the beginning of the "BGI Brazil" project. This great achievement also brought us great learning:

  • The perception of the biggest differences and risks when scaling companies to other continents.

Transition to online

The pandemic forced isolation, teleworking and the implementation of new habits and routines in our personal and professional lives. Major BGI events were held, for the first time in history, completely online, such as the July Bootcamp and more recently the 1st Gala of Scaleup Portugal that awarded the best startups of the TOP 25.

The change may seem daunting at first. However, these were the main takeaways:

  • The transition to online has had a positive impact on the environment;

  • Teleworking emphasized the efficiency of our team to meet the defined KPIS.

Business Intelligence

This year, we realized even more the importance of a good database and the organization of data presentation. In the information age we live in, one of the big problems is the high amount of data on a variety of subjects of interest to companies. Thus, the process of collecting, organizing, analyzing and disseminating information can assist us in making strategic decisions and planning.

  • The big lesson we learned was the big difference that Business Intelligence makes in the perception of the excellence of a company.