Four TV Series Every Entrepreneur Should Watch | BGI Tips

While still trying to figure out this global pandemic situation, I have been reflecting more on how I got into startups and Venture Capital. The more I thought about it the more I realized how much I was influenced by Television. Here are some shows/movies that taught me 1 or 2 things about entrepreneurship:

1. Silicon Valley

Main cast of the Silicon Valley series seated at a conference table
Silicon Valley

The series is a parody of Silicon Valley culture and focuses on a naive programmer who founds a startup company, and chronicles his struggles trying to maintain his company while facing competition from larger entities. This show comedically tackles everything from Pitching, to Intellectual Property to Hiring. It has everything.

  • Key Takeaways: Teamwork makes the dream work

2. The Social Network

Main cast of The Social Network series looking at a computer with the series name written in the foreground
The Social Network

This movie portrays how Facebook was started and all the drama that came along with establishing the social networking website.

  • Key Takeaways: Always remember to have some defensibity around your idea or innovation

3. Good Girls

Three main female characters from the Good Girls series sitting next to a pool of money with the series name written on top
Good Girls

The series is about the lives of three suburban mothers who are best friends and decide to start a drug dealing business in response to their financial challenges.

  • Key Takeaways: Leverage on your network and of course DON’T DO DRUGS!

4. Black Sails

Black Sails pirates cast photo
Black Sails

The series follows the life of a sea pirate who has a personal vendetta against the British Empire. In the process he has to do things he never expected to do.

  • Key Takeaways: NEVER GIVE UP!

These series and films had one common thread, which was overcoming obstacles everyday. The same challenge many entrepreneurs face today. The great news from these shows is that they all attain their desired goal…Hmm at least some of them do… Well you just have to watch them yourself or with your team.

Let us know what your favourite movies or shows relating to entrepreneurship are.