Have you been wondering what BGI is up to?

Hello Everyone!

Excited about Google setting up shop in Portugal? So are we! We believe we will have a renewed view on our industry corporate once they come in. We also believe many others will follow… share your thoughts.

Last week was a very exciting one to BGI.

We took 5 incredible start-ups to Boston, we put them in contact with 93 experts on the field.

We engaged with several Boston stakeholders, as Nutter, Wilmerhale, Ascent Ventures, Foley Hoag, Morgan Lewis, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks and of course, as tradition, we were at MIT and at Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) for unique networking at Venture Cafe (Thursday ritual). We also went to a Google exclusive networking event and we are hoping they do something similar in Portugal (you're going to love it).

But we have to say, we took some serious kick ass start-ups with us, that left everyone amazed at the MIT Enterprise Forum Pitch. We even had investors asking “How can I sign in to Boston Global Immersion to get to know more of your promising start-ups”. It was pretty cool to see that our ventures can be as good as MIT’s ecosystem. We are happy that after a crazy intense week of 15hr work days, jet lag, fast food, hard work (and networking) and few hours of sleep, some of them are pretty close to get investment and seal deals and great partnerships. So, let’s see who’s in line to become the next unicorn, and may the odds be in your favor!

Sounds too good to be true? Don’t trust us, trust the start-ups we took with us. See this 1 min testimonial video from the participants: Criam, Lipowise, Redshift, Straigth Teeth Direct, TonicApp.

Oh, and don’t forget to apply for next Boston Global Immersion program, A