How to approach a corporate? | Ask The Experts Series

Partnerships between corporates and startups bring added value to both parties. The innovative spirit and disruption are commonly associated with startups. But they lack the notoriety and the prestige of being associated with a corporate. On the other hand, corporates have already achieved a considerable level of growth, success, and recognition, but they tend to lose the ability to innovate and take smart risks. Thus, synergies between startups and companies turn out to be win-win relationships, being very desirable especially for innovators, who are looking for opportunities to enter the market and prove their talents.

Corporates have a lot of resources that startups usually need, and our Projects Community Manager Beatriz Riscado knows this well. According to her, corporates can be a launching pad for what startups are trying to do, especially when it comes to developing pilots. In fact, it’s very important for innovators to be asso