How to Change Your Content Strategy in Light of the Pandemic

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

These testing times have proved difficult for all industries, and even though Portugal has had a more stable scenario compared to others in Europe, many companies have struggled to adapt. Still, in the new normal that we are all navigating, it’s fortunate that there are BGI partners who can provide you with the tools to help mitigate some of your worries. However, while you may have adjusted your operations, have you adjusted your content strategy? From heightened sensitivity to addressing customer needs, here’s everything you need to know about content marketing in light of today’s crisis. Communicate your brand identity and values In these uncertain months, clients and customers are looking to you for reassurance. People need to know that you’re acknowledging the situation, doing all you can to adapt to it, and making the necessary contributions to the world. For instance, sharing valuable information on what people can do at this time will works wonders in communicating your brand’s values. You can also inform the public on how your employees are doing or simply be honest about what you can and cannot provide during the crisis. The last thing you want to do is pretend that everything is normal. Boost your online presence Since marketing channels are limited during this time, it helps to focus on brand awareness on the one platform that’s thriving: the internet. In fact, a recent study from Kantar details that social media usage has increased by 61% and web browsing is up by 70% since the pandemic started. As such, this is the perfect opportunity to increase your presence online. For this, Ayima explains how an increased focus on SEO and analytics can help businesses expand their reach and find new target markets across the globe. Indeed, while other businesses are reducing their content marketing spending, you’ll be able to see an increase in online traffic, and continue to generate brand awareness and hopefully revenue. Focus on how you can help customers With different circumstances, come different priorities. It’s not enough to tell customers what you offer. They need to know what you’re doing to help them, too. A report from Edelman Trust Barometer informs that 71% of customers say that if they see that a brand is “putting profit over people,” they won’t trust them again. Look at your product or service, and see how you can use your assets to help. You can also opt to make your services more accessible (like pivoting to e-commerce or providing an app) for the convenience of your customers. Explore other channels The pandemic has closed doors on a lot of marketing opportunities, but it has also given rise to new ones. Specifically, to more “experiential” kinds of content. A Non-Agency CEO Michelle Collins lists three marketing trends that have emerged these past few months: virtual gatherings, live video, and influencer marketing. People have created virtual gatherings to replace real-life ones. Today we have virtual hangouts, tours, conferences, and others that aim to emulate the real experience. Meanwhile, live videos and influencer marketing take advantage of the fact that people are on social media more often, as mentioned before. If you want to continue moving forward you need to modify your brand to take advantage of the above trends. Times may be difficult, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stop marketing. Simply adjust your messages accordingly and explore all opportunities available.

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By J. Baye