How we help startups to succeed

There are many ideas. And we believe yours are brilliant! However, it takes more than thinking outside the box or having an outstanding idea to create a successful business, right?

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? If your answer is yes, we may be able to help you with that task.

If this is your first time creating a startup, we know that this can be an intimidating experience, that will require some work and maybe a few blank nights... This is because the startup failure rate is considerable. Only 78.5% of small businesses survive their first year, simply because the market doesn’t need their products or services.

If your company is already established, you need to work as hard to keep it going. We’ve all been there, and we know that it’s useful to have extra help.

Fortunately, BGI has already helped several startups to enter the market successfully. Companies like Feedzai, the latest Portuguese unicorn; Sword Health, recognized as the best Portuguese scaleup in the TOP 25 of the Scaleup Portugal Report; D-Orbit, a leading global market leader in the space transport and logistics services industry, and many others. In total, BGI Accelerator has already helped 149 startups (7 of which are exits) to raise more than 263 M euros.

We're happy to share our knowledge and make things easier for you, during this challenging process. Therefore, we want to tell you how we help our startups succeed:

1. Bootcamps with expert coaching

Learning from the best of the best in your industry... What can you want more? Through our bootcamps, you will be able to hear, in the first person, the experiences of those who have already been in your place and reached a level of desirable success. In addition, you will have training and a wide range of practical activities to support your business, whether in marketing, business formation or strategy... All according to your stage of development and needs.

2. Mentorship

The goal of mentoring is to tap into the existing knowledge, skills and experience of industry experts and transfer those skills to less experienced entrepreneurs or those who need advice in order to progress in their careers. If you don't have a mentor, we can make good connections. Through one-on-one meetings, you will learn from the best how to improve several aspects of your business and avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

3. Connection with global investors

If you are looking for an opportunity to scale your business, this could be your chance. Thanks to BGI's strong connection to MIT, several of our alumni have already had the opportunity to meet with investors in Boston and scale up via venture financing. You can be the next entrepreneur to accompany us to the United States in 2022, for a third bootcamp where you will have meetings with global investors and potential customers.

4. Access to a privileged global network

Having access to a good network of contacts is a valuable weapon. This can bring you several benefits, such as strengthening other business connections, obtaining new ideas, raising your profile as an entrepreneur, accessing new opportunities, learning and developing other perspectives, among others. Through our invitation-only events you will be able to meet important members of the startup ecosystem and start creating lasting relationships that may open new doors for you in the future.

Of course, to create a successful business you must follow many other steps. The effort and hard work depends on you, and the merit is always yours. However, your success is also ours, and that is why we give you a little push, and provide you with the right tools to achieve success. As the old saying goes, "Give a man a fish and he will feed himself for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime."

If you are a tech-based startup, under 5 years old, working on solving global challenges, drop us a message. We will be happy to get to know you, your team and your startup!

You can find out more about the program here.

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