In Summer!

A lot can happen during Summer, specially when you're just a young.

University Students study very hard during the school year... tests, exames, group work and a lot of sleepless nights working to get the best outcome possible. Then comes Summer and most of these hard working students go away on holiday to have all the fun that they didn't have during the whole year...

Not our Summer School Students! Master Students that worked really hard during the year and when they had a chance to go on holidays and be "young, wild and free" they chose not to! Instead they chose to challenge themselves and apply to one of the most intense programs from EIT Digital.

This year the subject is Longer Independent Living; Business opportunities and implications of primary prevention. Sounds complicated and relevant, it's because it truly is!

The students had contact with real business cases which they will have to tackle and deliver real solutions through a pitch by the end of the 2 week's program.

The cases they have to tackle are the following:

Physio@Home: The current project proposal aims to develop a solution to extend physiotherapy programs to people’s home as a complement to the sessions performed at the clinics. The solution proposed is based on smartphones or tablets and wearables containing electromyography (EMG) and inertial sensors that will be used to track the execution of the movements and give biofeedback to the user.

SENSEi: Sensi is related to Intelligent Assistive technologies based on biosignals to support independent living of people with motor limitations due to clinically severe conditions, as locked-in syndrome from strokes, spinal injuries or degenerative diseases. The objective of Sensi is to bring freedom of action to all persons that have motor impairments and are dependent on technology for independent living. More specifically, this project will integrate wearable sensor technologies to read biosignals and will develop intelligent algorithms that automatically detect the context of the person and her/his voluntary actions, even with subtle movements. These algorithms will empower the person to have a quick and easy access to digital devices and to the Internet, in order to be independent in performing daily activities, according to the different life contexts.

Kinetikos: Kinetikos aims to revolutionise clinical decision-making by assisting to diagnose, analyse and support treatment planning for mobility disorders. Treatment of movement disorders lacks measurements and analyses to describe and understand human movement and its related deficits. Physicians must rely on experience over objective data. Furthermore, when data is available, it is often overly complex, unreliable, noisy and difficult to relate to clinical best-practices.

Brainanswe: By using emotion tracking proprietary algorithms, BrainAnswer has developed methods to obtain human emotional and physic states when performing one particular task. BrainAnswer started by helping brands and their products better targeting consumer via better ads. During the development of emotional studies, BrainAnswer has found multiple situations where some patterns were more compatible with patological markers instead of emotional ones. Currently it has expand its platform to assist teaching, doctors, patients, communications by providing the platform that allows a good implementation of protocols, measurement mechanisms and accurate and reliable sensors for medical screening and rehabilitation programs.

Home Hospitalisation: Hospitalization is an increasing burden for health care providers. Trends as ageing population place increasing pressure for health care service. Further to ageing health care has witnessed increased costs of hospital treatment with a growing awareness of hospitalization risks (infections, stress, …) which increase hospital stay period and costs. As a consequence hospitals face an average of 9 500 € additional costs, per patient, due to hospital infections raising the stay at the hospital by 20-25 days for each infected patient.

Now all it's left is wait for the amazing pitches and solutions that the students will come up with... We're very excited to see what kind of solutions they think about, what about you?