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It's time to say goodbye

by Sofia Fernandes

Do you know the feeling of ending an amazing book, or getting to the season finale of an addictive tv show?

Sometimes it’s hard to let go.

We feel nostalgic, and it’s like a movie that shows in front of our eyes, only the best moments summarised in a few seconds.

When I first started at BGI I came full of ideas and energy. I found in entrepreneurs hope. Hope for a better future - and I’m not saying that just because it's something nice to say. I’m talking about people who have spent the last 10 years doing research in order to implement technologies that can save water, energy, other resources, in some cases even lives. I’m talking about people who received more ‘no’s than I can tell, people who went through some family and friends controversy just by following their dreams. People who relentlessly keep doing until it’s done. And I fell in love… I fell in love with the projects I designed, with the people I hired and worked with, with the clients who were always up for our challenge of solving their problems through innovation.

I was lucky enough to have the freedom to dream and implement. I hired and nurtured over 50 amazing interns, who helped build BGI up, from 3 programs to over 40. I was able to teach and grow with our team that started as only interns and grew into project managers, who are now spread across the world implementing innovation in renowned companies. Supporting over our 300 startups closing investment rounds, following their sales process, their growth process. WOW what a full heart!

I had the chance to learn from the best, to go through the MIT process, live the Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as learn from the very best at EIT. I probably got more lectures inside BGI than at my university. Some of our investors, who were once entrepreneurs and brought amazing breakthrough solutions to life, are now close friends. What a journey!

But in life, for things to be really amazing and lived, they always have to come to an end. It’s hard for me to let go, but I must say BGI changed me and I changed BGI, and this interconnection lives across time. I feel a little bit of myself in BGI culture, in its history and success, and in everyone who worked with me. As for me, BGI changed my life, it’s where I learned the most, found some of my best friends and mentors, and most important of all, I found the love of my life who gave me a beautiful daughter that we like to say is a BGI baby!

Life is indeed a circle, and what goes around comes around, so inevitably I will keep supporting the effortless dreamers, because nothing makes me happier!

Now starting a different chapter, with different characters, adventures, and I can’t wait to start!

Hence, make sure you keep in touch, and bear in mind I’ll always be here to help you and support the innovation ecosystem to grow: My Linkedin here, and my personal e-mail: