Light Year's Away!

Did you know that the light from the stars that you see every night was created long, long ago. They're light year's away from Earth and so the light you'll see tonight will have been generated when you were 10, 15 years younger then you are now.

Strange right?! To think about it that way.

In a way Startups are like the stars you see at night in the sky. The bright light you might be seeing now from a startup, what we usually call success, you're seeing the hard work they had for years. Like stars, you only see their light years and years after they were born. They were already shining brightly, you just didn't see it.

Two of our most precious stars have been burning brightly for years, and now I can show you their light.

Sensefinity was born in 2015, at that time what they had was a big client with a very specific need and a telecommunications titan with no reasonable priced solution. And so they turned to IoT and created these amazing sensores that can tell you where and in which conditions your product is.

They kept burning brighter and brighter each year and now they're being finally seen by EIT Climate KIC, one of the most renowned institutions in Europe for sustainable tech.

They have been selected from a pull of more then 50 startups to participate in Climate KIC's Venture Competition.

FuelSave had a brilliant idea, born from a thesis around 2016. They only incorporated this year and already they have received more then €600K of investment. REPSOL, a giant in the fuel industry, was one of this investors. The other was IDT, which did an investment of €485K!

Do you see their light now?

We sure do!

Who knows what we'll be seeing in a decade time. That's the beauty of STARS!

Mariana Marques