LOADING… News about ScaleUp Portugal Report!

If you don't know the ScaleUp Portugal Report, you have no idea what you've been missing! But don't worry, this blog post was made for you, who don't know it yet and, of course, for everyone who has been following this report since its creation. We will explain everything about this project that started 3 years ago and has BIG NEWS! But to find out the news you have to stick with us and read this text to the end. It's not worth cheating!

It was precisely because we don’t like cheating that we created this report. The idea came when we were asked which were the best Portuguese startups. It would be unfair on our part to "sell our fish" and to present only our portfolio. Although we are very proud of our alumni and their accomplishments, stating that the startups accelerated by us are the best would be an unobjective and unreliable answer. Likewise, if the question was made to another startup accelerator or investor, the answer would certainly be very different from ours. Thus, we came to the conclusion that there wasn’t statistical data on the Portuguese startup ecosystem that would impartially reveal the best startups/scaleups. That was how the ScaleUp Portugal Report was born, “a realistic portrait of the Portuguese E&I Ecosystem” that presents the Top 25 best startups. The report is divid