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Meet 3 startups that are improving our food and health

No one doubts the existence of a direct relationship between a good diet and physical and psychological health. Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates already stated: "Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food". In this atypical year, in which health has become a constant concern for people all over the world, a healthy and balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, helps to strengthen the immune system, preventing diseases.

The Portuguese are aware of this importance. In a study carried out by FAO last year, it was found that 83.5% of Portuguese people consider having a healthy diet.

Due to the importance of healthy eating perceived by everyone, investing in food innovation is also a step towards ensuring a healthier future for everyone.

Find out how these 3 startups are making a difference in the food sector and promoting everyone's health:

1. NeuroSoV

The work developed by NeuroSoV is a good example of the influence that healthy eating can have on health. Although this startup is not in the food industry, it is investigating the potential of antioxidant nutrients to slow down the Parkinson Disease.

2. CORE Protein

CORE Protein is developing an isolated protein, using whey that is wasted during cheese production, and using “ugly fruit” as the flavour instead of a synthetic molecule. Therefore, this product would be 100% natural and healthy, benefiting the entire supply and production chain, providing customers with good quality whey protein, with the added benefit of consuming actual fruit, and, therefore, being able to personalize the nutritional value with the intake.

3. Mum’s Cooking

Hurried life is no excuse for not eating healthy, and Mum's Cooking is proof of that. This is a brand of frozen food, simple and quick to prepare and truly nutritious, as it lacks the chemicals that are typically found in this type of product. An easy solution, prepared in a healthy way, with natural ingredients and without chemicals, to contribute to the health of all.

BGI believes that supporting innovative ideas brought by startups like these, as well as promoting education, dialogue and knowledge sharing in this area can be the key to improving everyone's health and life.

Thus, we created the Sparkaton "The Future of Health in Portugal", a free online event organized under the Bio-All program, with the support of EIT Food, the largest food network of the European Commission. This online event, which will be held on the 18th of December at 11:30 am WET, will work as an open space to build knowledge, share experiences and promote topics related to the role of healthy eating and the future of health in Portugal. All individuals, organizations and other stakeholders in the bio-health sector are invited to participate.