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Meet the award-winning startups at the Scaleup Portugal Gala 2020

The best Portuguese scaleups of 2020 have already been revealed. The winners were announced in the Scaleup Portugal Gala virtual event promoted on the 26th of November by BGI, in partnership with EIT Digital. In addition to the awarding of prizes to scaleups that have performed better in the last 5 years, the moment was also taken to disseminate the conclusions of the annual 'Scaleup Portugal' report about the evolution of the Portuguese entrepreneurship ecosystem.

From the TOP 25, compiled according to indicators provided by Informa D&B, such as capital raised, total revenues, capital / revenue ratio and jobs created, the best of the best startups were awarded.

Find out more about the winners of each category:

Sword Health, the best startup in Portugal and the best Health and MedTech startup

Sword Health, the Portuguese startup that created the first digital physiotherapist, was considered the best Portuguese startup and the best medical technology startup. Sword Health brings clinical-grade musculoskeletal care home. With their digital solution you can treat or prevent musculoskeletal issues. The technology connects members with a medical therapist who diagnoses the condition, designs a treatment program, and coaches them for lasting change. Under the therapist's supervision, members have access to a tailor-made exercise program, and live feedback.

GowWithFlow, the best CleanTech and Industry 4.0

GoWithFlow is revolutionizing the mobility of organizations. Through a SMRM - Sustainable Mobility Resource Management system, the startup helps companies achieve operational, financial and environmental goals using a sustainable mobility resource management framework. The startup's CEO, Jane Hoffer, recalls that during the first year as a commercial company, “GoWithFlow customers eliminated more than 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide and saved an average of 225 euros per electrified vehicle”.

DashDash, the best ICT startup

"If you like spreadsheets, you'll love it." This is the promise of DashDash, now called Rows. This startup combines the power of a spreadsheet - with the functions we already know in Excel and Google Sheets - with integrations of the client's business applications. These integrations can be social media, Google Analytics, Gmail, among others. Each integration adds new functions that you can use in any cell. This technology allows you to automate workflows and create tools that make work easier.

Utrust, the best Consumer & Web startup