Meight's Story: How to create a successful startup

Creating a successful startup can be a challenging process. Part of living and working in the startup world is learning from mistakes, both your own and others’. Thus, knowing the experience of people in the area can be a good way to know how to act and make decisions in the future, to avoid unnecessary mistakes and to gain business wisdom in general.

Last Friday (May 28th), BGI held the "Building Global Innovators" webinar, an event held in partnership with Made of Lisboa to explain in detail the BGI Accelerator program, its benefits and the support we provide to startup's growth. The event was also attended by Meight, a former participant in the BGI Accelerator, a program that is now accepting applications for its new batch.

We had the pleasure of talking with Luís Mendes, CEO and Co-Founder of Meight, who gave his testimony about what it is to start a company, what are the main challenges, mistakes and lessons learned and what was Meight's experience at the BGI Accelerator.

If you didn't have the opportunity to attend the event, don't worry! Here are the highlights of this interesting conversation:

Who is Luís Mendes?

Photo of Luís Mendes, Co-Founder and CEO of Meight company

Luís Mendes is Co-Founder and CEO at Meight. He studied in Catalonia, more precisely at Univer