Piloting: your startup's way to success! 5 steps to running a great pilot

Whether it’s a new solution within a company, or a new idea created by a startup ... Before implementing any solution, you need to be sure that it will work in practice.

Business woman sitting at the table with two people shaking hands with one of them.

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur who would like to launch a new solution on the market, learn that developing a pilot project allows you to test different aspects on a small scale, discover new ways to go, avoid mistakes, create valuable connections and - the best part of all - enter the market more easily and associated with a renowned brand. As our Community Manager stated in a video on approaching corporates to develop pilots, "corporates have a lot of resources that startups normally need. They can really be a launching pad for what startups are trying to do", since after the pilot, startups will have greater market credibility and, consequently, sell more.