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Pitching on a Demo Day: how to make your 10 minutes memorable?

Portugal is a country with good opportunities for startups and investors and has been growing and gaining importance over the past few years, as we saw in our ScaleUp Portugal report. And one of the best ways to demonstrate these good opportunities is through Demo Days: events that give entrepreneurs the opportunity to take the stage for pitching their solutions to a room full of qualified investors who are looking for startups to finance.

With The BGI Ultimate Demo Day just around the corner, one of the questions that may arise in the minds of the startup founders participating in BGI's acceleration program might be "How to crush it with my pitch deck on the Demo Day?"

Fear no more, we've got what it takes to help you make your 10 minute pitch memorable for investors, so that no opportunity passes you by. On the BGI Blog we have already written several articles about how entrepreneurs can improve their online pitch, what do Portuguese investors look for in a startup, as well as in a good investment.

Also, you can find out more about the most common mistakes startups make when preparing their pitch deck by viewing the video below. In this, our Digital and Deep Tech Manager, Otito Dosumu, tells you about all the mistakes we've identified based on our last 11 years of helping startups to succeed.

But if you're just passing through, here's a short summary of our tips so you can rock your pitch the next time you're in front of investors and the public:

Tip #1. Do your homework

This is mandatory. Study all the topics that you are going to cover, check information about the investors in the meeting, or even study the video call platform before the pitching session, to avoid possible inconveniences and constraints. Also, don’t forget to practice your pitch. Practice alone in front of the mirror or in front of friends and family. Make sure you get the message across clearly and on time.

Tip #2. Adapt your content and tone to the audience

Investors should feel special with a dedicated presentation showing that you've done your homework and you know who you are addressing the speech to.

Tip #3. Avoid long and unattractive pitches

People like stories, and storytelling is a good way to captivate the audience. Pitching is also about telling a story that involves the audience for a successful ending, showing the challenges, the solutions, the heroes, the followers... So, make your pitch short and appealing, and your audience will be captivated until the last minute.

Tip #4. Make sure your pitch focuses on all the key elements

Both the pitch and pitch deck must mention the problem, the market, the solution, competitors, prices, business model, history, team... You want to convey the idea of a great market opportunity with a great team innovatively facing a real problem.

Tip #5. Always follow-up