Portugal's Buzz: Is it worth it or not?

What does Portugal have that makes it so interesting? Is Portugal the next Silicon Valley?

In previous posts we have already discussed this issue and we concluded that the Portuguse entrepreneurship community has definitely stood out in recent years due to its fast growth. Lisbon has been the Web Summit’s stage in the last few years and it has attracted the attention of many investors, entrepreneurs and the general public. But is all the buzz around Portugal realistic? That's what we tried to find out.

Curious as we are, we decided to raise the question! Our investors responded and now we share with you what they think about our country's startup ecosystem. We know some of you think that we should be optimistic and affirm our value, others believe that our buzz is overvalued, but we deserve all the attention due to our rapid growth in recent years. As Rita (former Portugal Ventures) said, yes the perspective is optimistic, but we need optimism. And in general, all other investors agreed, we need to be optimistic and continue hard work with results, like exits. Based on their answers, we have organized a short list with the main reasons that make Portugal an appealing country to foreign eyes.

1. We have talent… for an extremely competitive price