Sorry, I was wrong...

Hello everyone,

Maybe some of you already know me!

I am a Manager, and as a typical business fellow, as soon as I've finished my Master at NovaSBE I went to work at a big international corporation, and grow my career to be a rising start!

As almost everyone who does not work in the #entrepreneurship world, I thought startups where a group of young guys, in a cool basement redecorated minimalistic, surrounded by red bulls, Macs and even maybe a PlayStation in the corner for the breaks!

For the past 3 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with startups and that led me to realize that I've couldn’t be more wrong.

Behind a differentiated technology there are years of serious research in labs, many extra hours, many parties not attended, many family meetings missed, many books that stayed in the shelf waiting to be read…

The daily life of entrepreneurs is not just working under the uncertain reality of possibly not having a company next year, but working in so many fields they don’t know, learning day by day what the most urgent/important deliverable requires!

That might be the typical pitch to investors, pitching for clients, but also organizing an event, attending events scouting for interesting new collaborators, at the same time of further developing the product, block, despair, run out of money, let go some employees, close a new round, attract more clients, grow again the team, be HR and making everyone happy, and the vicious circle doesn’t seem to stop.

Honestly, entrepreneurs are not just risk lovers, but dreamers. Every day there is a new idea around the corner, a new possible market, a new possible way to use the product!

People seem to believe that ‘startupers' not always have what they hope for, but guess what, so does any regular person. That’s life.

Being a startuper is indeed a risk, but so is marrying someone given 2/3 of marriages end up in divorce (at least in Portugal) - which by the way is higher than the death rate of BGI alumni.

The only way I can help, as builder, AKA worker at Building Global Innovators, is to build a strong network and make their lives a little easier, helping them finding clients, investors, potential collaborators, interesting partnerships, mentors who will advise not asking anything in return.

At the moment I am working on Boston Global Immersion, BGI’s diamond program where we take startups to Boston, to have 1:1 meetings with investors, mentors, and potential clients. This program has help raising 190 million euros (in around 80 participants in the last 9 editions).

So, I guess what I am trying to say, is that if you are interested in the USA Market and want to raise over 1 million euros, you can find in BGI a dedicated BusDev team, that will do everything in their reach to make you the next Outsystems.

I now acknowledge it is hard, and I give a lot of value for those who are brave enough to pursue this mad life! But don’t forget, there are some people here to help you out. Just reach us!

Wish you a lovely weekend,

Sofia Fernandes